The New AAT Syllabus (AQ2016)

AAT launched their new syllabus from 1st September 2016. If you are studying AAT you will need to think about the impact this may have on your studies. Should you stay on the current syllabus – AQ2013 or should you transfer to the new syllabus AQ2016?

If you have any questions, please just get in touch and we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

AAT have also provided students with a recommendation tool, and it will give you guidance on which syllabus would be most appropriate for your studies: AAT Recommendation Tool.

AAT have also provided students with a brochure containing the information on the new syllabus and how it differs from the current standards: Student Transfer Brochure.


If you are currently studying AAT – What are your options?







1) Remain on AQ2013 for your current level and to start the next level

The existing AAT AQ2013 syllabus can be studied, and exams will be available until 31st December 2017. If you have registered as a student with AAT before 31st August you will have the choice of completing your studies under the old or new syllabus.

One note of caution – if your membership with AAT lapses and you renew it after 1st September 2016, you will automatically be registered on AQ2016 – You will not be able to complete the course on the existing AQ2013 syllabus.

If you would like to stay on AQ2013 for your current level and your next level, you should:

  • Ensure your AAT membership fees remain up to date
  • Complete the current level of study
  • Contact AAT to confirm that for your next level of study you wish to study under the AQ2013 syllabus
  • Complete the next level of study by 31st December 2017
  • Book your assessments, clearly indicating that you wish to sit AQ2013 assessments


2) Remain on AQ2013 to complete your current level but start the next level on the new syllabus

You can complete assessments on the AQ2013 syllabus until 31st December, after which there will be no further opportunity to sit assessments on that syllabus. When this level of study is completed, you will then be studying under the AQ2016 syllabus for the next level if this happens after 1st September 2016.

  • Book your assessments, clearly indicating that you wish to sit AQ2013 assessments
  • Complete the current level of study before 31st December 2017


3) Transfer to AQ2016 to complete your current level

If your current level of study is partially completed at the end of August 2016, you can choose to complete the level under the current syllabus or transfer to AQ2016. if you transfer to AQ2016 you should be aware that some units will not transfer from AQ2013 to AQ2016. There will also be a synoptic assessment to be sat for each level when transferring to the AQ2016 syllabus.

  • Speak to your tutor to discuss which units you should be completing under AQ2013 syllabus, to ensure your are only sitting units which transfer to the new AQ2016 syllabus
  • Complete your units under AQ2013 assessments until 31st August 2016, and from 1st September study towards the new AQ2016 syllabus
  • Use this link to review changes to the AAT AQ2016 syllabus to ensure you fully understand the implications of transferring to the new qualification: Student Transfer Brochure.