ACS Courses

ACS Courses at iCount are delivered by Andy Booth who has 15 years’ Case Study teaching experience and has successfully helped students from firms of all sizes pass this difficult final exam.

iCount’s ACS course includes 5 full 4 hour mock exams based on the actual company described in the Advance Information – we do not waste time looking at old Case Studies once the real Advance Information has been released.

Three of these mocks are marked by Andy using the ICAEW’s 40 box marking grid method so students understand exactly what the examiners are looking for.

With smaller class sizes and constant access to Andy for the whole period leading up to the exam iCount offers the highest standard of support for ACS students in the North West.

“iCount, especially Andy, has filled me with confidence about the upcoming Case exam…The fact that we completed full 4 hour mocks based on the scenario really prepares you for the time pressures of the real thing!”  – Aaron (Christian Douglass LLP)

“I have been made to feel confident going into my Case study exam thanks to the guidance of Andy and the iCount team! We’ve completed 3 fully marked mocks, and received vital detailed feedback  which has all been invaluable in getting prepared. Thank you!”  – Mel (Clarke Nicklin LLP)