CIMA Syllabus 2019

The new syllabus for Operational, Management and Strategic levels comes into effect from November 2019.

The structure of these levels is not changing and there will still be the same number of exams, with most retaining the same names. There is no change to the current method of assessment.

Within each subject there are new topics that have been introduced and topics that have been removed. The extent of the change to each paper varies, with limited changes to some and more extensive to others.

iCount’s courses and materials will be fully updated to reflect the changes to each paper, and guidance will be given to all students studying with us regarding the impact on their studies.

Transition Rules

For each exam passed on the 2015 syllabus (or a previous credit), candidates will receive a credit for the 2019 syllabus.

Case Study papers (OCS, MCS and SCS)

The last case study exam on the 2015 syllabus will be sat in November 2019. Students who fail this exam will have two options:

  • Sit the 2019 syllabus exam in February 2020 (based on a new pre-seen)
  • Sit a retake 2015 syllabus exam in February 2020 (based on the November 2019 pre-seen)

Core papers

  • Last 2015 syllabus OT exams – November 3rd 2019
  • First 2019 syllabus OT exams – November 4th 2019

There will not be any period of overlap of these exams, so all core papers studied in the 2015 syllabus should be passed by the end of October. iCount will be providing either updated notes or top up days (depending on the extent of change of each paper) for iCount students who do find themselves in this position.


Guidance for students

  • Complete a level where possible before the end of October
  • If unable to complete a level, focus on the exams with least change (e.g. P1, P2, etc)
  • All students should ensure that they familiar with all new material (even if this for a lower level than the one that they are studying for) as this is considered assumed knowledge. This particularly applies to students taking a 2019 syllabus Case exam where they have studied any of that Level’s core papers under the 2015 syllabus.

Useful Links

CIMA website – 2019 Syllabus Launch