Classroom Courses

Certificate Level Courses

(Weekday and Weekend)

Weekday and weekend courses that combine teaching of the syllabus with exam standard question practice throughout the course. All materials are provided within the course price. Students have access to recorded lectures to support the classroom tuition.


Professional Level Core Paper OT Exam Courses (E1 – E3, P1 – P3, F1 – F3)

Integrated courses

(Weekday and Weekend)

You will benefit from an experienced tutor explaining the syllabus in depth and at the same time demonstrating how to apply it to exam standard questions. You will be able to test your understanding on practice questions. These courses include tailored Course Notes, a Study Text and practice questions as well as recorded lectures for you to use to recap or catch up on a missed classroom session.

Practice and Revision courses

(Weekday and Weekend)

You won’t find revision courses offered by any other provider in the North West of England, and yet students tell us how vital they are to boost confidence and technique for the exam. You will develop your exam skills by intense tutor guided question practice and reinforce your knowledge through recaps of the more technical and challenging areas of the syllabus. These courses include Revision Cards and an Exam Question book which provides a whole new set of questions to those used on our Integrated Course.

This is what our students say:

“Excellent revision classes focusing on typical exam questions”  Christopher, F3 December

“Lots of question practice makes you feel confident of tackling the questions yourself”  Lucy, E3 December


Professional Level Case Study Courses (Operational, Management and Strategic)

Integrated courses

(Weekday and Weekend)

An experienced tutor will cover the technical knowledge required to pass, applying it to the specific Preseen for each Integrated Case Study (ICS). The course will include a tutor walk-through of an exam, based on the Preseen, which will help you to manage your time effectively, analyse the data properly and to express yourself in an appropriately professional style. It also includes timed mocks for you to practice on that will be marked by your tutor and vital personal feedback will be provided. The course includes Course Notes, Mocks and full tutor support throughout.

Case mock day

An optional extra mock marked by your tutor with personal feedback to fine tune your skills and ensure that you pass first time.