Corporate Clients

No Contractual Lock In

At iCount Training we want students to study with us because they want to – and because they appreciate the unrivalled expertise, support and friendly services we offer.

We offer bespoke corporate packages to our clients but unlike other training providers we do not force our clients to sign contracts which lock them in to us for a given time period. Contracts of this kind are designed to protect training providers who worry that students will look elsewhere for a better level of service – but at iCount we know there is no better level of service available.

If you are currently bound to a training provider by a contract we would encourage you to consider why your training provider feels this is necessary and what benefit you gain from being legally tied in to a provider – especially when iCount will offer you a better service and can offer preferential rates.

We achieve outstanding pass rates and our students have achieved global prizewinning success at every sitting since iCount opened in 2010.

We differentiate from all other providers on quality, service and friendly expertise – but as an independent organisation with no profit targets to satisfy and no centralised overheads to cover, our headline prices are competitive with both Kaplan and BPP.

To discuss how iCount can offer your organisation a better deal for accountancy training with no contractual “lock in” please contact Andy Booth at (Tel: 07710 263076) or call us on 0161 228 6564.