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2015 SyllabusThe new CIMA syllabus and assessment methods take effect from January 2015. These bring changes to the Professional Level courses and exams.

CIMA Professional Level

The 9 operational, management and strategic papers at Professional Level continue to be examined in the 2015 syllabus, with small changes to the syllabus content. These 9 papers are each examined in a 90 minute on-demand computer based exam (with results immediately available) and an integrated computer based case study exam at each level, testing the three papers at that level. There will be four sittings a year for these case study papers and results will be available soon afterwards. The case studies will be human marked and involve information provided both in advance of the exam and on the day of the exam. All exams can be taken at any Pearson Vue Centre which in the North West includes centres in  Manchester, Salford, Stockport, Bolton, Wigan, Oldham, Preston, Southport, Blackpool and Stoke. Click on the following link for the Pearson Vue Test Centre website.

iCount Classroom Courses

progressiCount has developed the best classroom courses in the area to support through the new syllabus. You will be able to move through your studies at a pace to suit you, covering a level in 6, 9 or 12 months or tailoring your own flexible pathway through the qualification.

Classroom Courses for CBA core papers (E1-E3, F1-F3, P1-P3)

Don’t be fooled into thinking computer based exams will be easy to pass! Unlike the current syllabus, the exams test in detail all components of a syllabus (no question spotting any more) and CIMA have set the pass mark at a very challenging approximately 70%. But if you study at iCount there is no need to worry! We have designed our courses specifically to address these demands, to ensure you have the best chance of success. Our courses include all the books and practice materials you will need and our expert tutors (who have successfully supported many thousands of students through syllabus changes before) will give you all the individual support you need to confidently tackle your exams.

We are running Integrated Courses combining a thorough teaching of the syllabus with application to exam standard questions, and question practice. We also offer two day Revision Courses to recap key technical areas and focus on exam skills and question practice. Our courses run on a regular basis, both weekday and anti-social options. This will allow you to complete a level at a pace to suit yourself, six, nine or twelve months.Talk to us about the speed you would like to work through these exams and we can advise you on a course timetable to suit your needs.

Classroom Courses for Case exams (Operational, Management and Strategic)

Case exams require you to analyse diverse information from across papers, presented to you in a simulated business environment. Based on requirements set you will need to communicate professionally at the appropriate level. These exams require written answers for all requirements, under strict time constraints and, as in real life, the requirements will not be identified as related to specific papers. Prior to the exam, the preseen information will present contextual information which will need to be analysed and considered in light of possible exam-day requirements. Professional communication at the appropriate level will be required.

We believe our Integrated Case Courses are the best preparation for the case exams in the market. Combining recaps of case specific technical content, consideration of the pre-seen and likely scenarios, development of case skills and tutor-marked practice mock exams, these courses will enable you to face the challenges of the new case studies with confidence. Our Case courses start every 3 months, both weekday and anti-social options, enabling you to sit a case exam at any of the four exam sittings per year. Based on our expert knowledge and success in supporting thousands of CIMA Case Study/T4 students through years of case study exams, there is no better place to study for CIMA’s case study exams than iCount.

More information about our Classroom Courses can be found here.

Distance learning and Online Courses

In conjunction with First Intuition we offer a range of remote study options, enabling you to study Professional Level outside of the traditional classroom. These include:

  • Online Courses
  • Live Online Courses
  • Home Study Courses

More information about our Online and Home Study Courses can be found here.

For more information

The CIMA website has some excellent information on the updated syllabus and transition arrangements on the CIMA website:

The 2015 syllabus

Exams and assessment

Transition rules